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Even high earners can struggle with finances.

  • Unexpected medical bills
  • High mortgage payments
  • Looming student loans
  • Stalled retirement savings
  • Credit card debt
  • Little or no savings
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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to right your financial ship, Proactive Financial Coaching helps you create a customized plan to get back on course so you can live the life you deserve.

What do you have to lose by scheduling your free 30-minute Zoom call?

Poor Financial Decisions


Uncertainty about your financial future

Looming debt

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Financial clarity and a plan forward

A Financial Coach in your corner

Peace of Mind

All from a 30-minute call?

And here’s your guide, Michael Modica.

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High Interest Credit Cards

Mike showed me that making minimum payments is how banks get rich while I struggled. He taught me the importance of budgeting which freed up money to chip away at the evil credit cards. I am now free of all of our consumer debt.

Thanks, Mike!

~Gene, Orlando, FL


Home Equity Credit Trouble

A home equity line of credit almost landed us in divorce court. Sticking to the budget we now do each month has improved the communication in our marriage.

~Joyce and Bill from Savannah, GA

Planning for the Future

Mike was referred to us after our first child was born. He explained “dollar cost averaging” in a way that made sense, that is to say invest regularly. If you have a baby on the way call Mike and start a regular investment plan the same day your baby gets a social security number.

~Mary & Chuck, Sayville, NY

You can change your direction right now.


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We identify your obstacles and opportunities and design a personal step-by-step, easy to follow, longterm plan for success.


Gain Control

Get your life back on the road to a happier future.

Top 5 Money Traps & How to Avoid Them.

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